About Us

CAUSMX Technologies are information technology specialists. They are comprised of a dynamic team of responsive and knowledgeable IT professionals that are obsessed with forward thinking solutions to ensure that the technology supporting your business simply works the way it’s meant to. Our goal is to provide small and medium business the power and tools of big business.



  • We strive to maintain uniformity and consistency in everything we do, this results in the reliability that clients have come to enjoy.


  • We have the tools and resources to provide you with excellent response times no matter how big or small your problem may be. Not to mention the level of personal touch we pride ourselves in with all customer interactions.


  • Great communication is key in any area of life, including providing the best support you can get. When dealing with complex projects or issues we take the time to inform and explain so that you have a complete understanding of the solutions being offered.


  • With a combined experience of 50+ years you can trust that we know our stuff and are committed to you.


  • We take the time to make our clients feel comfortable and treat others in the friendly way we would like to be treated.


IT Specialists in Calgary


For your free consultation on what CAUSMX can do for your business, please call or email us.

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