Cloud Services

Welcome to the world of cloud computing! No need to worry about hardware purchases, maintenance costs, software licensing, updates, migrations, security and system longevity. Let us worry about that, and you focus on your business.

Your Virtual Desktop in the cloud! Access your Windows or Linux desktop from any device. Increased mobility and security for your diverse workforce.

Leverage our state-of-the-art Canadian based private infrastructure or the global scale of the Public Cloud to power your servers. With optional management of your virtual machines by our team of experts!

We understand the critical need for backup and recovery solutions no matter the business. That is why we have built an advanced, ransomware proof, geo-redundant, cloud based backup and recovery system. All hosted in our private cloud.

Have a database that needs hosting, an application, virtual machine, or your own hardware? We welcome those looking for a fully custom hosting solution sitting in our Canadian based private Cloud, or running on the global scale of the Public Cloud.

Your App in the Cloud! Access your application from any device with added security and performance! All while having the options of Public or Canadian Based Private Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Company in Calgary


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