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Cyber threats evolve as quickly as the technology they compromise. Count on our experts to ensure your security posture keeps up.

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Let our professional team deploy enterprise-grade solutions that fit your SMB environment.

Why choose CAUSMX Technologies for cybersecurity?

  • Trust an established cybersecurity partner that’s been in the business for over 10 years.
  • Reduce your cyber risks with a sophisticated technology stack that’s up-to-date with today’s standards.
  • Enjoy 24/7 monitoring that assures near immediate responses to any unusual activity.
  • Count on Sophos-powered AI technology to protect all of your assets across Windows and macOS devices.
  • Expedite your detection and response abilities with the additional help of our cyber partners.

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Trust Cyber Experts to Keep a 24/7 Watch Over Your Network

In today’s interconnected world, unnoticed network threats pose a significant risk to your business. Standard firewalls often miss subtle yet dangerous traffic patterns, leaving your network vulnerable.

CAUSMX Technologies offers 24/7 network security monitoring services designed to identify suspicious activities that conventional firewalls overlook.

This includes:

  • IoT and OT devices
  • Unauthorized or rogue assets
  • Unusual traffic flows and patterns

Count on Our Secure Cloud Hosting Options

Keeping your data secure in the cloud is a challenge with ever-evolving security threats. Many businesses struggle to adapt their cloud infrastructure to these changing needs.

CAUSMX Technologies presents NEXCloud, our advanced cloud hosting solution. Our team ensures that NEXCloud constantly meets the latest cloud security standards.

We offer robust Canadian-based private infrastructure and global-scale public cloud options.

Prevent Sophisticated Threats From Spreading

68% of organizations experienced targeted endpoint attacks between 2022 and 2023. These sophisticated threats constantly evolve, challenging traditional security measures and putting critical business information at risk.

CAUSMX Technologies addresses this issue with our advanced endpoint security solution. Utilizing cutting-edge deep learning technologies, we provide a shield against these complex threats.

Our solution is also designed to adapt and respond to the ever-changing tactics of cyber attackers.

Rapid Responses With a Reduced Workload

Quick and effective responses to cyber attacks are critical. However, many security teams are overwhelmed. The volume and sophistication of these attacks can be hard to keep up with.

CAUSMX Technologies ensures swift threat containment and reduces the workload for your internal teams. Our Sophos-powered tools automatically block 99.98% of threats.

This automated help allows analysts to dedicate their expertise to hunting down and neutralizing the most sophisticated attackers.

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How Our Calgary Computer Security Team Helps You

Cybersecurity in Calgary, Alberta

Bring The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Your Security Efforts

Facing constant threats in the digital world can be overwhelming. Traditional security measures often fall short in this rapidly changing environment. This leaves many seeking a more effective solution.

CAUSMX Technologies integrates human expertise with advanced AI technologies by harnessing the full Sophos security stack. This technology utilizes machine learning and scientific computing architecture to elevate security controls.

With our approach, you benefit from human-AI interaction and information visualization, making complex security management simpler and more effective.

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Spot Phishy Emails More Easily

Have you ever clicked on a suspicious email and regretted it immediately? Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated, making it hard to distinguish genuine emails from harmful ones.

CAUSMX Technologies offers an email security solution that boosts your defenses against phishing. With over 60 interactive training modules, we educate users on threats such as credential harvesting.

These modules, available in 10 languages, are both informative and engaging.

With a few clicks, you can simulate over 500 realistic phishing scenarios. No hardware or software installation is required.

Cybersecurity Company in Calgary, AB

Catch System Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Find Them

Identifying system vulnerabilities is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Unaddressed vulnerabilities can leave your business exposed to cyber threats.

CAUSMX Technologies offers comprehensive vulnerability scans to safeguard your hardware, software, and networks. Our scans cover everything from internet-facing vulnerabilities to open ports.

Our tools categorize vulnerabilities effectively, allowing us to focus on what’s most critical for your business’s protection.

We also provide clear reports on our scans that you can use to demonstrate your security posture to any key stakeholders.

Long-Term Information Security is Within Reach

Ask us for a resilient cybersecurity solution that stays strong against emerging threats.

Calgary Cybersec Frequently Asked Questions

Machine learning improves cybersecurity protection by analyzing vast amounts of data and using that data to detect and respond to threats more efficiently.

It learns from past incidents and identifies patterns from these incidents that might indicate a security issue later.

This proactive approach allows for quicker detection of new and evolving threats, enhancing the overall security posture and reducing the risk of successful attacks.

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