Professional Services

Finding the right somebody for a task or project can be difficult, and maintaining staff to cover all areas of expertise can be expensive and unnecessary. Reaching out to CAUSMX Technologies for your IT Professional needs will ensure you find the right person, with the right expertise for the service you require. Our highly trained staff, contractors and partners are ready to provide the A+ service we are known for.

Backup and Continuity Plan

The one piece that if not setup correctly, can end your business. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months. Don’t be a statistic, let us come and do a complete review of your backup plan, and introduce you to our state-of-the-art NEXbackup product and solutions.

Project Management

Let our team of senior specialists take the reigns to ensure your projects have necessary expertise involved, are executed based on the needs of the business, are completed on time, and are completed on budget.

IT Consulting

How long do we stay with legacy technology investments? Does the promises of new technology really pay off? Are we able to stay competitive in our market place with our current technology? Let our consultants sit with your team while we guide and assist in shaping your company’s technology roadmap requirements while working within the company’s resources, processes, budget and culture.


Do you really have time for this? You shouldn’t have worry about replacing hardware, tracking down the right price, or finding out what is the right licenses to acquire for your software. Let us take care of ordering and purchasing of network equipment, servers, software, workstations and printing equipment.

IT Professional in Calgary


For your free consultation on what CAUSMX can do for your business, please call or email us.

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