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Ensure your IT infrastructure is secure and efficient with our proactive network management & maintenance.

Embrace a More Cost-Effective Way to Optimize Network Performance

Instead of overspending on fixing network issues, prevent those costly issues from happening in the first place.

Why choose CAUSMX Technologies for IT network support?

  • Trust our 24/7 proactive monitoring for swift and effective issue resolution
  • Connect to a network support technician within 56 seconds on average when you contact us by phone
  • Inspect encrypted packet data without compromising the privacy of protected personal information
  • Detect emerging cyber-attacks early with our sophisticated network traffic analysis
  • Get your network solutions easily deployed, configured, and maintained, even in remote work situations

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Top Benefits of Our IT Network Support in Calgary

Quickly Detect Any Threat in Your Business Network

Keeping your business network secure is vital, yet challenging. Many companies struggle to identify threats quickly enough. It’s no wonder when you consider that 60% of hackers claim they can compromise a business IT network in less than 5 hours.

At CAUSMX Technologies, we use sophisticated technology to monitor your network in real time. This 24/7 real-time monitoring ensures a near-immediate response to any detected issue.

We won’t give any hacker that 5-hour window they need to cause damage.

Keep All Hardware in Check With Our Computer Network Support

Managing a business’s computer network is often complex and time-consuming. Without consistent maintenance and support, productivity can suffer, and technical issues can escalate.

CAUSMX Technologies can ease this burden. Our services include comprehensive wireless network support, remote management, technical support, and routine maintenance.

Our support team will ensure that your network operates smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Prevent Malware Spread Through Network Connections

The spread of malware through network connections poses a serious risk to businesses. It can cripple endpoints like desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, and workstations, leading to significant data loss and downtime.

CAUSMX Technologies provides NOC services that fortify these crucial endpoints. Our approach focuses on strengthening both your network SNMP devices and endpoints against malware threats.

This proactive strategy is essential for maintaining a secure and resilient network.

Start Your Network Off on The Right Foot

Designing an effective network infrastructure is a critical step for any organization. Without a well-designed and implemented network, businesses face inefficiencies and connectivity issues.

At CAUSMX Technologies, we help organizations navigate this crucial phase. Our team helps in designing, creating, implementing, and deploying optimized network infrastructures.

We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and provide ongoing support post-deployment.

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What Happens When We Serve Your Network in Calgary

IT Network Support in Calgary

Identify Highly Targeted Attacks Early

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats often disguise themselves as legitimate network communications. This makes early detection of these threats particularly challenging.

The CAUSMX Technologies team is excellent at identifying new, zero-day Command and Control (C2) activities.

Our advanced detection methods are designed to uncover bespoke targeted attacks in their early stages. This ensures that your network remains secure against even the most cunning cyber threats.

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your network is safe from both known and unknown threats.

Network Support Services in Calgary

Cross-Reference 5 Powerful Network Detection Engines

In the complex world of network security, detecting malicious activity demands a multifaceted approach to detect a wide range of evolving threats. Traditional methods often fall short in this task.

CAUSMX Technologies employs five Sophos-powered detection engines, leveraging AI and machine learning to scrutinize network traffic flows. These engines work in harmony to provide a comprehensive analysis.

The 5 engines are:

  • Encrypted Payload Analytics (EPA)
  • Domain Generation Algorithms (DGA)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Session Risk Analytics (SRA)
  • Device Detection Engine (DDE)
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Reduce The Risk of Ransomware in Your Network

The threat of ransomware is a pressing concern for any network. These attacks encrypt your vital data, rendering it inaccessible and jeopardizing your operations.

CAUSMX Technologies offers advanced anti-ransomware capabilities. Our system is expertly designed to detect and block the malicious encryption processes used in ransomware attacks.

Moreover, our technology has a unique feature that rolls back files to a safe state if they have been encrypted. This ensures the integrity and accessibility of your data at all times.

Tired of Impersonal Ticketing Systems?

Both our help and support desk services are designed to give every support request the time and attention it deserves.

FAQ About IT Network Support in Calgary

CAUSMX Technologies offers support services for iOS 11.3 or higher devices connected to your network. Our team is skilled in handling Apple-based business network systems, ensuring your devices operate smoothly within your network environment.

We monitor and maintain network performance, addressing any issues that may arise with your Apple devices.

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