Ryan LockingVice President & COO

    Ryan brings 15 years of experience in the industry and to his role of Vice President & COO at CAUSMX Technologies Corp. Ryan has a forward-thinking attitude, strong leadership skills and a sharp technical mind. Straight out of High School Ryan had a passion for entrepreneurship, working on many company start ups and ideas. He eventually found his passion in technology running a small Gaming Server company. With the hands on knowledge and experience he went on and earned both his A+ and N+ Certificates from CompTIA. Moving forward Ryan was hired by Volker Stevin Contracting as an IT Consultant and was in charge of many company wide infrastructure projects. Following his time with Volker Stevin Contracting Ryan moved forward in starting his own company Joe Computers Ltd. There he grew his IT consulting business and earned the loyalty of his customers by providing outstanding and knowledgeable service. Ryan is married with two daughters and a son. He is a big Disney fan with his family and their favorite vacation destination is Walt Disney World, he also loves video games, water sports and camping.

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